The Future of Your IT Infrastructure

  Despite the doom and gloom in the UK economy, we are predicting exciting time ahead at Veber. In these cash-strapped times, cost-effective ways to upscale […]

Cloud Backup with Full Data Encryption

At the time of writing, Kim Dotcom and his colleagues have just launched Mega, his latest Cloud Storage venture; the service gets slated in the press […]

When Is a Cloud Server Right for Your Business?

  Whether a cloud server is right for your business depends initially on what kind and size of business you are in. The scalability and costs […]

Sony Vaio T13 Review

The CEO really likes Sony Vaios, he’s long championed them, since buying one when we first started the company back in ’99.  The picture below is […]

Python Software Foundation Reaches Settlement, Ends European Trademark Dispute

You may or may not have noticed over the last month that we have lost our voice, and become quiet. This is due to becoming involved […]

Just for Fun – Name our Travelling Duo

Do our intrepid travellers remind you of someone? We’d love to hear from you with ideas for their names. Next month, as the holiday season draws […]

Tech Gadgets Loved and Lost

Over the last couple of months we’ve been exploring bits of kit with our marketing girl and looking back at how technology has evolved from the […]

Veber Attend Cisco Live 2013

Our CEO, Tim Poultney, attended this year’s Cisco Live event. He gives us the lowdown of what to watch out for this year …

Veber can help with your business’ Cloud Hosting

The Cloud can often seem more like a fog in today’s hosting industry. Veber can help create clarity by providing expert advice on how a cloud […]

The history of data storage

This month we saw another Consumer Electronics Show come and go. As usual, CES 2013 was a chocolate factory for the tech minded full of innovative […]