Virtual Desktop – The benefits of a VDI

Do you want to share your IT resources securely? Does your business have multiple locations? Is your Booking System always accurate? VDI could be the answer… […]

Refer a Contact & win £1000 of John Lewis vouchers

Here at Veber we’re going to great efforts to grow our team so we can support our current customers and also bring in some new businesses […]

July Give Away – The Winner Is ….

  The lucky winner of August’s free 32GB iPad mini giveaway was Damian Dreher, Senior Designer at This Is Media, a web design company based in […]

The Importance of Data Centres

Image Source – Redd Angelo Everyone wants to know that their data is secure and safely stored, but many people don’t think about the infrastructures that […]

Mont Blanc: The Reality

Well, I said hard work and I wasn’t wrong. Thankfully rising to a challenge is not something which I shy away from so, despite the odd hesitation, the […]

Eight Reasons to Web Host

Before we propose 8 reasons to Host – A recap on What is Server Hosting? In essence it is a service provided by companies such as Veber […]

Opex vs Capex – The Great Divide

OPEX or CAPEX? How do I choose? Five years have gone past way too quickly and you face the prospect of ensuring that your business’ IT […]

Bert and Betty

This month they are feeling the results of having to be thrifty in their holiday planning. Luckily, Betty still managed to get a great deal online […]

Forging Forward

In less than a month my intention is to be at the top of Mont Blanc and, in being so, to have achieved a long standing […]

IT Outsourcing From a Dedicated Managed Hosting Provider

  Are you one of the many companies which have decided to focus their business resources on growth and profit rather than trying to manage infrastructure […]