The Time is Getting Nearer…

The new Veber website is blossoming so we are ensconced in preparation for the relaunch – marketing, advertising, promotional merchandise, 301 redirects, FAQs, pretty pictures, social […]

historical photo opportunity

From the Veber archive, our first server photographed in approx 2000, a Supermicro 1U server with dual 18Gb SCSI drives, dual Intel Pentium 3 processors and […]

Making the most of social media

Still at the forefront of our minds here at Veber as we continue apace with the relaunch is the usefulness of social media and so this […]

new website…. imminent

Well – just as the title says, we’re all really excited about the imminent arrival of our new website – hopefully should be here by the […]

The value of social media

So here at Veber we are rebranding (slowly but surely) and this offers an ideal opportunity for us to get ourselves out there in the world […]

Slippery slope for email?

So here at Veber we are in the process of rebranding, updating and thinking carefully about the ways in which we communicate with and promote ourselves […]

Veber restructuring

We’ve got a lot going on here at Veber at the moment – watch this space for news on our restructuring and rebranding exercise which will […]

Private Cloud Computing: what advantages could it offer you?

 The Hosting News published an informative article on Private Clouds on 20 January. As our previous blog of 17 Jan, “What’s with cloud computing?”, suggests there […]

Would you host Wikileaks?

This one caught my eye on THEWHIR. An interesting dilemma: money vs morals? The US government has subpoenaed Twitter for the personal details of people connected […]

To Dedicate or not to Dedicate?

“Comprehensive” and “powerful” are the two most widely used synonyms of dedicated hosting services, reports The Hosting News. The idea of dedicated servers has grown in popularity […]