Cloud Cloudy Cloudier

In the process of doing lots of research for our new Cloud Server and Cloud Backup service, Python, which Veber will be launching in early 2012 […]

The History of the iPhone

        One for the more technically minded of you out there today! Probably good pub quiz fodder for the future. I’m sure that […]

Busy, busy, busy

Everyone’s busy here at Veber at the moment. A good thing we know.. We’ve got a CEO building a passive house in France, a Technical Lead […]

Technology really bores me

Not a typical blog title for an ISP granted but it’s been ‘borrowed’ from Euan Semple’s blog post of the same title – – which provoked some Veber interest today. […]

Internet Marketing 101

Going over some fundamental marketing discussions and came across this old friend. Worth a share – just as a starting point to ensure that all marketing […]

Veber floating into the cloud

Veber is now embarking on the next stage of the company development: our new Python Cloud Server and Cloud Backup services which are scheduled to come […]

Good News Everyone!

Cloud Hosting: choosing a provider with confidence

We’d like to share this White Paper with you today. It answers many of the questions we come across when discussing Veber Cloud Hosting services with […]


So we know we need to have a social media presence  and web presence – it’s the place you have to be to be found nowadays, […]

How many servers does Google operate?

Interesting article from DCK about Google’s server infrastructure and specifically their power usage, something that’s relevant for our industry.