Gartner predicts a double dip recession

We found this article about a “double dip recession” interesting reading today and especially like Sondergaard’s comments when he states: “IT leaders must embrace the postmodern […]

Veber’s Web Hosting User Surgery

Tomorrow, Wednesday 19 October, during UK office hours, Veber’s technical staff will be on hand to help with any web hosting queries you have. No strings […]

EMC VNXe 3300 mini review

mini review of an EMC VNXe 3300 by veber technical

The “Veber” Forever

When I had ‘do blog’ on my list  for today this wasn’t exactly what I had in mind (there is a Veber review of the new […]

Veber in Top 25 UK Dedicated Server Providers

Veber has been named once again in the Top 25 Most Popular UK Dedicated Server providers in the Dedicated Server Directory listings.  This shows Veber’s competitiveness […]

Ins and Outs of Blade Centres

Ins and outs of Blade Centres or should that be centers…. As you may have noticed from our dedicated server home page, we at […]

Cloud Cloudy Cloudier

In the process of doing lots of research for our new Cloud Server and Cloud Backup service, Python, which Veber will be launching in early 2012 […]

The History of the iPhone

        One for the more technically minded of you out there today! Probably good pub quiz fodder for the future. I’m sure that […]

Busy, busy, busy

Everyone’s busy here at Veber at the moment. A good thing we know.. We’ve got a CEO building a passive house in France, a Technical Lead […]

Technology really bores me

            Not a typical blog title for an ISP granted but it’s been ‘borrowed’ from Euan Semple’s blog post of the same title – […]