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All You Need to Know About Linux Hosting

What is Linux hosting? A Linux (pronounced Lin-Ux according to its creator) server is an open-source and Unix-like operating system (OS) that can be used for […]
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Everything You Need to Know About Blade Server Hosting

At Veber, we promise to only use the best of breed when it comes to computing and hosting solutions. Therefore, we use Dell PowerEdge Blade Servers […]

11 Things you Need to Know About Disaster Recovery Plans

  Image Source – Nick Jio At one stage or another, every company is prone to data loss, whether they are big or small. You may […]

UK Hosting Companies for UK Businesses – The Benefits

When a business has to make a purchasing decision, it can often find itself assessing the benefits of working with a local supplier as opposed to […]

How does the location of your data affect you legally?

The cloud has changed the shape of the data storage landscape drastically. It has ushered in greater cost efficiency, more flexible business practices and reduced resource […]

How To Virtualise Your Business And Migrate To The Cloud

Following on from our last video, Understanding Hybrid, Private and Public Clouds, our CEO, Tim Poultney, will now talk through How to Virtualise Your Business and Migrate to […]

Migrating to the Cloud – 7 Business Benefits

Perhaps you’ve just heard the rumours of cloud performance and scalability, or you’ve been thinking of migrating your business over to cloud hosting for a while. […]

How Secure is Cloud Hosting?

Ever since its conception, cloud computing has grown from strength to strength and adoption of cloud infrastructure in many industries is at an all-time high. Naturally, […]

Understanding Hybrid, Private and Public Clouds

Understanding the differences between hybrid, private and public clouds, and the advantages and disadvantage each have, is an important requirement for businesses today. In this Video, […]

5 Important Things you need to Know about Hybrid Clouds

Web hosting has seen some serious innovation in recent years. Since the advent of cloud computing and cloud based web applications such as Dropbox and Quickbooks […]