Cloud Migration without the Technical Complexity

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing the right cloud provider and the right cloud solution to suit your business. The first decision […]

How does the Brexit debate relate to Cloud?

The current Brexit debate brings the differences between the cultural outlook in Britain with that of its continental neighbours to the fore.  One aspect is the […]

Our New Website

We hope you have noticed that Veber has a brand new website. We have also changed our branding. Our change of branding is more than just […]

What is VDI?

What is VDI? The acronym ‘VDI’ is an abbreviation for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure. VDI is a technology which can provide your business with the capability to […]

9 Benefits of switching to Opex based hosting

Hosting provides the opportunity use your monthly operating expenses (OPEX) to fund a high performance server solution leaving valuable cash/credit (CAPEX) to fund business growth. So, […]

Water, Water Everywhere, but not an Internet Link

Small and medium businesses (SMBs) face many of the same challenges of their larger counterparts, but have fewer resources to use to meet them. In particular […]

Veber’s Cloud Hosted IT – Executive Briefing – November 2014

Due to popular demand Novembers Executive Briefing covering ‘Why Most Businesses are moving to Cloud Hosted IT’ is now fully booked, more events will be held so […]

What goes up must come down: My Three Peaks Tale

I did it! 23 hours and 41 minutes after starting, myself and my amazing climbing partner Dan had successfully completed the Three Peaks Challenge by ascending the three […]

Tim is taking on the Three Peaks Challenge

Tim takes on the Three Peaks Challenge So tomorrow I’m off for a tour taking in some spectacular views of Wales, Scotland and England. Sheep, lochs […]

What is the core of Veber’s business?

Things are moving on fast in the IT world. There’s the obvious development of ‘cloud’ and its many descriptions, the Big Data challenge and BYOD, not […]