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Unique Hosting Needs of Big Data

With so many businesses starting to collect and process big data, where will they store it? Read on as Veber examine the unique hosting needs of big data.
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Offshore Hosting vs Hosting in The UK

  Image Source – Delfi de la Rua When it comes to choosing a hosting provider for your business, there are many things to consider, such […]

The Best Cloud Computing Solutions for Small Businesses

In 2015, the global cloud computing market had a growth rate of 28%, according to research. Similarly, a survey has found that 68% of respondents were […]
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Unique FinTech Hosting Needs

In recent years there has an increasing demand from consumers for more accessible and more convenient banking and financial services. This has seen a rise in […]

How to Backup in the Cloud and Restoring Your Server From the Cloud

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Securing Your Cloud Environment – Veber’s Cloud Security Guide

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Data ethics and Governance in the UK – What you need to know

There is a lot of data around these days. Much more than there ever used to be, and in all aspects of our modern life. Increasing […]

What Is a Disaster Recovery Plan And How To Create One

Following on from our last videos, Understanding Hybrid, Private and Public Clouds and How to Virtualise your Business and Migrate to the Cloud our CEO, Tim […]

4 Industries that require the highest levels of high frequency computing.

Computing technology really has come a long way since its inception in the late 70’s. Back then some of you may remember computers came as kits, […]

Benefits of using a Web Application Firewall

Computer and network firewalls have significantly improved the overall internet security of individuals and organizations since they were introduced. However, the progress of technology marches on, […]