Juniper MX960 Real World Review

The Juniper MX960 is our new router. But, it’s not like your Netgear, Dlink or Zyxel routers that you probably have in your homes (although ironically […]

Leap Motion Controller Review

Well, it’s an interesting world isn’t it? Only back in 2002 we were being wowed with scenes of the future in Minority Report with Tom Cruise […]

Sony Vaio T13 Review

The CEO really likes Sony Vaios, he’s long championed them, since buying one when we first started the company back in ’99.  The picture below is […]

Python Software Foundation Reaches Settlement, Ends European Trademark Dispute

You may or may not have noticed over the last month that we have lost our voice, and become quiet. This is due to becoming involved […]

What’s the new Galaxy Nexus really like?

Having waited for goodness how long for the latest iteration of the iPhone, and being surprised, yet not surprised at the gentle evolution of the apple […]

phone updates

came across a really interesting article on pocket lint: if you only want to look at the pretty pictures – have a look at the […]

EMC VNXe 3300 mini review

mini review of an EMC VNXe 3300 by veber technical

Ins and Outs of Blade Centres

Ins and outs of Blade Centres or should that be centers…. As you may have noticed from our dedicated server home page, we at […]

Good News Everyone!

How many servers does Google operate?

Interesting article from DCK about Google’s server infrastructure and specifically their power usage, something that’s relevant for our industry.