Veber’s portfolio of additional services is designed to complete and complement your Veber server configuration.

Choose additional services such as Cloud Backup, Anti-Virus or Firewalls when ordering online or get in touch to customise your solution. To discuss standalone services such as Server Load Balancing or DDoS Mitigation, please contact the Veber team.

Why you can trust Veber with your business hosting

Veber Hosting Promise

All our services are supported by the Veber Promise:

  • Insurance Backed SLA
  • Responsive Support
  • Experienced Approach
  • Powerful Infrastructure
  • Best of Breed Hardware

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Cloud Backup

Backing up your company’s valuable information is an essential part of every manager’s responsibility: what would happen to your company’s revenue, profitability and long term business health if a substantial part of its working information was lost for ever? Industry best practice is to ensure that every employee has an automated PC backup to the company server whilst backing up the company servers to an OFFSITE, SECURE, RESILIENT and easy to use storage system. A choice of Veber Cloud Backup specification is available as part of the online order process or get in touch to discuss your requirements in more detail.

From £11

Veber Server Cloud Backup


From £34

Veber Enterprise Cloud Backup


Cloud Backup

Is your valuable data securely backed-up?

  • Veber Cloud Backup is OFFSITE
  • Veber Cloud Backup is SECURE
  • Veber Cloud Backup is RESILIENT
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Veber’s colocation services offer your business a secure UK home for your server hardware. By using a shared, top tier London data centre infrastructure, your business will be able to make cost and time savings as well as enjoying the peace of mind offered by Veber’s reliable, powerful and resilient facilities. Your Veber colocation service will provide impressive uptime and rapid network speeds from top tier providers. A choice of Veber Colocation specification is available. Read more or get in touch to discuss your requirements in more detail.

From £120

Per month



Do you need a secure home for your server hardware?

Veber’s UK Colocation Hosting Services will deliver.

  • Insurance Backed SLA
  • Responsive Support
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Protect your Veber Windows servers against threats and data loss with Sophos UTM Webserver Protection or Symantec Endpoint Protection. Anti-virus software is essential to ensure protection against common threats, attacks from hackers or cookie poisoning. Anti-virus will also prevent your web server from spreading viruses, prevent sensitive data loss and help meet compliance regulations. Veber highly recommends anti-virus protection for all Windows Servers.

From £15

Sophos UTM Webserver Protection per month +VAT


From £12

Symantec Endpoint Protection per month +VAT


The choice of anti-virus is available as part of the online order process or get in touch to discuss your requirements in more detail.Sophos


Veber clients can rest assured in the safety of the industry leading Cisco Adaptive Security Appliances (ASA) 5500 series and Juniper SRX series firewalls. As two of the global leaders in firewall technology, Veber choose the Cisco ASA and Juniper SRX firewalls because of their ability to handle up to multiple gigabits of firewalled traffic and to secure your network and information from unauthorized access. All this while maximising network resiliency, maintaining business continuity and offering the best price-performance ratios in the industry.

Monthly £50

Single Firewall + £350 one off set up fee +VAT


Monthly £100

Resilient Firewall + £350 one off set up fee +VAT


You will be able to add a firewall to your Veber server order in the online order process or get in touch to discuss your requirements in more detail.


HIGH AVAILABILITY (HA) for Veber Cloud Virtual Servers

In an HA enabled VMware® Cluster environment virtual servers and hypervisor nodes are constantly monitored to ensure maximum uptime. In case a virtual machine’s operating system should fail the HA agent will restart the particular virtual machine. In the event of physical server failure, affected virtual machines are automatically restarted on other production servers with spare capacity within the same cluster group.


on all Managed Cloud Virtual Servers


Get in touch if you require VMware® High Availability for your Veber Cloud Virtual Server.


Global Server Load Balancing (DNS) &

Domain Name System (DNS) Management

Veber’s Global Server Load Balancing (DNS) enables distribution of traffic across multiple sites, manages disaster recovery, and ensures that applications are consistently accessible. By removing single points of failure, GSLB will allow you to run two or more servers with high resilience and even allows you to upgrade web applications with zero down time.

DNS Management forms an integral part of Veber’s hosting solutions. The DNS system translates domain names into IP addresses. Veber’s free DNS management tool checks and reports the DNS setup of a given domain, and provides details of problems encountered. All common record types are included with clients able to configure as many zones as required.



From £50

GSLB (DNS) per month +VAT



DNS Management


To find out more or to purchase Veber Global Server Load Balancing (DNS) please call 020 3468 7000 or get in touch.

Server Load Balancing (SLB)

Server Load Balancing is a technique that is used to offer high availability and increased performance by distributing workload evenly across local computer resources. Veber use industry leading Citrix® Netscaler® Layer 4-7 SLB which will serve as a significant tool in your business’ server set-up. By enabling maximum throughput with minimum response time your business will avoid the overloading of any single server.

Choose from the Citrix® Standard edition, a consumer-grade load balancer with key business-class features or the Enterprise edition for larger organisations with bigger needs such as cache redirection and advanced traffic management.

From £75

Citrix® Netscaler® VPX


From £175

Citrix® Netscaler® VPX Enterprise


To find out more or to purchase Veber Server Load Balancing please call 020 3468 7000 or get in touch.

Email Services with Anti-Virus & Anti Spam

Email is the lifeblood of any organisation but can also be a large overhead for a small business. To suit a variety of needs and budgets, Veber offer simple Pop3 and IMAP email all the way up to secure SMTP feeds. You can protect your business from unwanted email threats and lighten the load of spam cleaning by using powerful, Veber supplied spam and virus filtering and also take advantage of secure offsite email archiving.

From £1

per mailbox


From £10

per SMTP feed


Very Good Email Company

To find out more or to purchase Veber Email Mailboxes please call 020 3468 7000 or get in touch.