Hosting provides the opportunity use your monthly operating expenses (OPEX) to fund a high performance server solution leaving valuable cash/credit (CAPEX) to fund business growth.

So, what benefits can you expect when you use your monthly OPEX to fund a high performance server solution?

  1. Predictable monthly expense
  2. No capital outlay – cash/credit available to invest in business growth
  3. Possible lower tax for your company*
  4. No on-going maintenance costs
  5. An opportunity to manage IT staffing levels
  6. Lower energy bills – no need to power or cool your servers
  7. Possible mid-term technology refresh for increased performance
  8. You are guaranteed high performance, secure, resilient and reliable servers
  9. A fully managed service is also available if your need it (contact the team for more information)

*The tax benefits of hosting and paying a regular monthly payment are company dependent, review at this example and then ask your accountants to calculate the benefits your company can achieve


3 Dell Blade servers with dual processors, 16Gb ram, 600Gb disk, Dell Pro Support Plus maintenance agreement, 100MB leased line with router and Firewall and UPS assuming a 5 year loan at a 5% flat interest rate.

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 09.17.23







The cost of ownership story:

Capital outlay – £15,750 if you purchase a server plus £158 per year interest – your capital expense is ZERO if you HOST your servers.

Additional costs – if you purchase your systems you will need to spend £8,000 per year for a high performance leased line – a high performance leased line is INCLUDED in your monthly HOSTING payment. £355 per year maintenance contract costs – Veber handle the hardware so you pay NO maintenance costs.

Other Savings – You pay no energy costs for powering or cooling your servers saving you up to £1,556 per year. You will have NO costs for server space or security. As Veber manage your servers you may also have lower costs for IT staffing.

Peace of mind – HOSTING your servers will allow you to plan low FIXED monthly payments, enjoy lower energy bills, you will not need to worry about loans for server hardware, you can plan your business in the knowledge that as you grow your servers can grow with you without additional capital. You will be able to focus on your business plans in the knowledge that your key IT infrastructure is secured in a purpose built data centre and that you have the support of the Veber team to keep you running.

No-brainer scenario again? The cash flow benefits are clear. Server hosting requires:

NO upfront capital
NO upfront VAT
NO loan interest

The decision is yours. Do you want to spend your valuable capital or use credit to purchase servers, support them with power and cooling, pay for an expensive maintenance contract, employ and train staff to manage the continual operating system upgrades, spend more money to enhance performance after a few years and after 3-5 years do it all again…

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