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How can we help you with DaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service)?   Tell us about your business.

Whether your organisation is a large enterprise seeking outsourcing hosting options or a fast-growing software company or a Fintech startup with quickly evolving resource demands, we have a team of certified and experienced architects, engineers and 24/7 support team ready to handle any issue that your business may face.

Veber Business Critical Disaster Recovery will establish the detailed steps that are essential to recover your IT systems back to an operational state in which they can support and maintain the business after a disaster.

Talk to us tell us about your business, your systems, specifications and your end-user needs:

Veber DRaaS experts will:

– configure your infrastructure switches and firewalls to secure your business
– build a virtual protection group spec according to your requirements
– test all systems to make sure everything is in order and works seamlessly
– monitor and manage the infrastructure and systems for you

STEP 1 – A risk assessment (RA) and/or business impact analysis (BIA) identifies the IT services that support the organisation’s critical business activities.

STEP 2 -Then, you’ll need to establish Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs).

STEP 3 – Every second of down-time has a damaging effect on revenue generation. The main drivers for creating a comprehensive business continuity strategy is to reduce the consequences and the adverse effect on revenues, and the derailment of everyday business systems that help keep your business operating productively.

Talk to us about:

  1. DRaaS (Disaster Recover as a Service)Solution design
  2. Testing & acceptance
  3. Implementation
  4. Maintenance
  5. Analysis

At Veber we believe that your business MUST NOT suffer consequences due to DOWNTIME in the event of a disaster. Veber have created an industry promise to our clients that mitigates against business loss, risk and damage.

Disaster Recovery consequences to the business

Tangible/Direct Costs

  • Lost transaction revenue
  • Lost wages
  • Lost inventory
  • Marketing costs
  • Bankfees
  • Legal penalties from not delivering on service level agreements

Intangible/Indirect Costs

  • Lost business opportunities
  • Loss of employees and/or employee morale
  • Decrease in stock value
  • Loss of customer/partner goodwill.
  • Brand damage
  • Driving business to competitors
  • Reputation

Protect your business today and contact Veber’s DRaaS experts on 020 3468 7001 to find out more.

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