Please see below for the POBox Group’s latest PR release detailing our aims for our Cloud Server and Cloud Backup services which will be launched in early 2012….

Established UK ISP Veber Announces Upcoming Launch of UK Cloud Server & Cloud Backup Offering

With Veber as a sister company,Cloud has a well respected pedigree in the UK hosting industry. The goal is to make the 2012 Cloud Server and Cloud Backup services an accessible and customer focused example of this popular web hosting solution.

The staff at the POBox Group, home of established UK ISP Veber and the new Public Cloud Server and Cloud Backup venture, are very aware that the ‘Cloud’ is currently a hotly debated topic in the web hosting industry and as such have vowed to ensure that, when launched in early 2012, Cloud offers an accessible and demand-appropriate service to its customers.

Tim Poultney, CEO of the POBox Group, is enthusiastic in his belief that “this computing model presents important advantages for SMEs and larger businesses in the current climate.  Those financial and logistical advantages of using a cloud-based infrastructure can only be truly realised if businesses have an understanding of what they are entering into. One of the priorities is to help with that understanding. We are entering into a competitive market, take Amazon’s AWS and EC2, Virgin Media’s VPDC or Rackspace’s OpenStack project for example. The technology is growing, the awareness is growing – we aim to grow the understanding so that customers can make the right choices about computing models to suit their needs.”

Certainly, the advantages of Cloud Hosting are well-propagated: lower hardware costs, lower personnel costs and better security to name a few. When adopting this solution a business has no need to invest in expensive equipment or employ costly expert employees. In addition, security is one element where the benefits come into their own. Hardware crash? No problem, your offsite hosted data is safe in a secure, offsite location with maximum resilience.

Moreover, as James Robinson, Operations Manager, explains “this technology offers a high degree of personalisation and scalability. Customised Cloudstack software manages the virtualisation and allocates the cloud’s resources. As Cloud infrastructure is built on the tenets of scalability and adaptability the customer can increase or decrease their usage on demand instead of relying on a Veber style Dedicated Server with a fixed capacity.  Customers will pay only for the resources they use.”

Our offering is built on industry standard virtualisation software from VMware, with the addition of a customised Cloudstack software layer which manages all the automated infrastructure features such as high availability, resource load management, storage scaling and hardware monitoring. When asked who would benefit, Tim Poultney remarked, “Cloud Servers are for any company needing a flexible and secure hosting infrastructure – our expertise is already proven but we want to make this accessible to every company that needs cloud. We’ve designed Cloud as not only an easy to use, scalable and reliable infrastructure, but also easy for companies to understand and adapt – adding a second, third or fourth server is simple.”

If you are looking for online backup, the Disaster Recovery service will include specifications suitable for home workstations right through to larger enterprises. “We have thought carefully about the buyer personas we are aiming our service at”, says Vicki Perch, Marketing Consultant, “and want to ensure that our offering is equally as accessible to a home PC user as to an SME or larger business Director. This includes the technical specification we offer as well as the cost and the support.” On the technical side, our has been built with Windows, Mac and Linux clients and offers many advanced features such as long retention policies, full end to end encryption and multiple datasets. A full list of features will be available shortly.

These services will be backed by the same marks of quality as their Veber counterparts. The  Promise will ensure the use of branded hardware, Tier 1 UK datacentres such as Telehouse London, Tier 1 connectivity, 24/7 email support and like for like price match policy.

Our Public Cloud Servers will be online in early 2012. In the meantime keep an eye on the website at or the POBox Group’s blog at to keep up to date with developments. You can also follow @veberhost on Twitter or take a look at Veber continues to offer its trademark flexible and tailored approach to Dedicated Server Hosting, Cloud Hosting Services and Colocation Services.


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