We liked this article written by Thoran Rodrigues on TechRepublic – “2011: The year the Cloud went mainstream” as it sums up our USP for our new & upcoming Public Cloud Server & Cloud Backup service. The possibilities that Cloud Computing can offer are more and more in the forefront of people’s minds and they are hungry to find out more. What we hope is that consumers will look past the hype of the big guns such as Rackspace, Amazon & Microsoft in favour of the more personal and tangible service they can receive from a Cloud company.

We have spent much of 2011 honing our Public Cloud offering and the way in which we will present it in order to provide an extremely competitive all-round cloud service – the infrastructure, the features, the costs and the wealth of information which will be available in our Cloud Resource Base.

Keep tuned! We already offer Cloud Hosting through our Veber product set so do get in touch if you have any questions. James or Tim will be happy to talk you through any queries. And thank you to Thoran Rodriguez for such a positive review of Cloud developments. we hope you are right!


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